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Belvoir Street Theatre to Perform Ibsen’s Wild Duck in Norway

Posted: April 19th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Art News, Theatre | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments Off on Belvoir Street Theatre to Perform Ibsen’s Wild Duck in Norway

Belvoir Street Theatre to Perform Ibsen's The Wild Duck in Norway

Sydney: Belvoir Street Theatre’s production of Henrik Ibsen’s play The Wild Duck has been invited to be part of the International Ibsen Festival in Norway later this year. Belvoir Street Theatre’s production, directed by Simon Stone, was completely rewritten and set inside a glass box featuring a live duck. The production won several Helpman and Sydney Theatre Awards. The Ibsen festival is held at the National Theatre in Oslo and celebrates the best Norwegian and international productions of the famous playwright’s works::::

Directed by Simon Stone with Chris Ryan after Henrik Ibsen. With John Gaden, Anita Hegh, Ewen Leslie, Eloise Mignon, Anthony Phelan & Toby Schmitz

Are there some truths it’s better not to know?

Hjalmar Ekdal’s father was rich until scandal cast the family into poverty. Now he lives in a tiny flat with his father, his wife Gina and his daughter Hedvig. And a duck. And there’s about to be a new member of the household. Gregers Werle has just returned to town with some unfinished business that could shatter the little world Hjalmar has built around himself.

Over the past few years, Simon Stone has been excavating Ibsen’s array of brutal and tender tragedies and reconstructing them for the modern stage. The process has already brought about The Only Child in the Downstairs Theatre in 2009. Now it’s The Wild Duck’s turn.

In Review: Diana Simmonds from stagenoise.com wrote :: Director/writer Simon Stone, with co-writer Chris Ryan and dramaturg Eamon Flack have answered their own question with a spare and concise script. It is breathtakingly elegant and contemporary but rings true to its origins throughout. Then, they have contained the action within starkly lit glass walls in a space devoid of colour, props or scenery that resembles a particularly soulless lab rat observation tank. Out of the glass box they have fashioned a crucible in which the essence of the play’s action is distilled into explosively modern key scenes and just six characters :: Read Ms Simmonds Full Review :: www.stagenoise.com/review/

video by maia horniak

picture souce: www.belvoir.com.au

Link: www.belvoir.com.au/the-wild-duck