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Iconic Sydney NYE Fireworks Inspired By Reg – Mambo – Mombassa Work

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Iconic Sydney NYE Fireworks Inspired By Reg - Mambo - Mombassa Work
Sydney Harbour’s attention-grabbing New Year’s Eve fireworks will this year paint artist Reg Mombassa’s brain across the city’s skyline. Mombassa, best known for his artworks for the surfwear brand Mambo and his founding role in the band Mental As Anything, is the creative ambassador for this year’s display ::::

Iconic Sydney NYE Fireworks Inspired By Reg - Mambo - Mombassa Work

A third round of fireworks has been added to accommodate a special show based on a Mombassa self-portrait titled Cranium Universe. The unique creation will light up the sky at 10:30pm, between the usual child-friendly fireworks at 9pm and the main event at midnight.

Blink and you may miss it though as the show will only last for a minute, in contrast to the 12-minute midnight display that will explode into 2014. The artist spoke about his expectations for the event today as he watched workers load barges for the display at White Bay.

“Every human perceives the world and the wider universe through books and films or looking at it in their heads,” Mombassa said.

“Theoretically it’s an illusion, but we wanted to empty the Cranium Universe onto the Sydney sky and that was the idea with the Cranium Universe,” Mombassa said. “It’s going to be somewhat of a surprise on the night. I’m looking forward to seeing it as much as everyone else, because it will be a surprise for me too.”

The challenge of bringing that vision to reality has again fallen to Foti Fireworks, a family firm that has had a hand in every Sydney NYE fireworks display since 1997.

Fortunato Foti says it was difficult but he is confident the Mombassa display will be impressive.

“We always talk about what interests and what things he may like in the display and if we can accommodate it we do,” Mr Foti said.
But there seems to be some confusion between the men over exactly what colours will paint the sky.

“I suggested some greys and browns but that was apparently impossible,” Mombassa said.

“No, no, no, we ended up doing it, Reg,” Mr Foti retorted. “Oh you’ve done some greys and browns? So it’s going to be a very gloomy display,” Mombassa said.

Seven tonnes of pyrotechnics will go up across the three fireworks displays, including 11,000 aerial shells and 25,000 shooting comets.

This year’s display will also include the launch of fireworks off the Sydney Opera House for the first time in more than a decade to celebrate that monument’s 40th anniversary year.

The top-secret Sydney Harbour Bridge effect will also be twice as big as previous years, standing 12 storeys high and 72 metres wide. The producer of Sydney’s celebrations, Aneurin Coffey, is upbeat as usual about the event and adamant the result will be worth the cost.

“It’s all about how Sydney, Sydneysiders, the harbour shine on New Year’s Eve around the world,” he said. “The event costs $6.8 million to put on and the return to the economy is around $156 million in income to the state, so we think it’s the hardest working event for return on investment.”


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image source: cityofsydney