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The Regina Spektacular Rolls Through Australia

Posted: December 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Regina Spektor | Tags: | Comments Off on The Regina Spektacular Rolls Through Australia

The Gallery View - The Regina Spektacular Rolls Through Australia - Street Poster

My love for Regina Spektor is unbounding, I’ve seen her in concert on a couple of continents, own every album – including her early demos – and am constantly amazed just how intune her songs are with the varying moods of humanity.Quiz Ms Spektor on the kind of music she makes, and her response is a flippent look and a few choice words.

“I play songs that I write on my piano”

Hmmm clearly, but in the musical world of this divine Russian-born New Yorker, the reality is far more complicated. She certainly does play the songs she’s written on her piano, she’s also been known to belt out a tune on a wooden chair, use unorthodox vocal techniques – turning her microphone into wonderfilled rhythmic talking drum – and she also turns-out the odd verse in her native Russian. Spektor’s quirkiness is divinely divided by her still-exuberance, talent and outright passion for what it is she does  :: Read the full article »»»»