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Glover Prize: Winning Landscape by Artist Nigel Hewitt Used Ash From Dunalley Bushfire

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Glover Prize: Winning Landscape by Artist Nigel Hewitt Used Ash From Dunalley Bushfire

An artwork using ash from the 2013 Dunalley bushfires has won this year’s Glover art prize. Nigel Hewitt won the $40,000 prize, the country’s richest landscape award for his work, Woven.

The Tasmanian-born artist, who now lives in Western Australia, used wood ash to depict a forest landscape. Hewitt was thrilled with the award, which honours colonial artist John Glover ::::

Glover Prize: Winning Landscape by Artist Nigel Hewitt Used Ash From Dunalley Bushfire

“It’s fantastic to be able to put it into a prize like this, such a prestigious prize, and to win it. It’s extraordinarily. Overwhelming,” Mr Hewitt said.

Woven features a forest at Mount Barrow in northern Tasmania. Mr Hewitt both areas had dealt with loss.

“I find that the rainforest is symbolic of the delicacy of our environment,” Mr Hewitt said.

A final tally of 42 competitors was whittled down from 282 entries from throughout Australia and overseas.

Judge Francis Parker said the panel members were unanimous.

Glover Prize: Winning Landscape by Artist Nigel Hewitt Used Ash From Dunalley Bushfire“The work that strikes you the most in the first walk through is often the one that you settle on,” Mr Parker said. “There’s a strong but subtle environmental message that the artist is dealing with and then that’s beautifully presented in the material that he’s using.”

The winning artist is already planning how he will use the prize money.

“A work like this takes months, so that $40,000 will allow me to push those experimentations further,” Mr Hewitt said.

The award is celebrating its 12th year. The judging is held in the northern Tasmanian town of Evandale every year, where Glover spent the last 20 years of his life.

The exhibition is expected to be viewed by thousands of people and is on display until Tuesday. The People’s Choice award will be announced next week.


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The Australian (as always) had an amusing commentary on the win “…with a slasher superhero, lady dwarf and bodacious babe as its subjects, Leslie Rice’s Self-portrait has more than a whiff of a teenager’s bedroom about it. As if to complete the picture of adolescent kitsch, Rice has painted the portrait – with himself as Conan the Barbarian – on black velvet, the “lowest” of art materials.

“You think of fine Belgian linen and frescoes at one end, and at the other end is black-velvet painting,” Rice said in Sydney. “It’s the sort of stuff that’s low-class and so am I.” :: Read the full article »»»»

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McNicol’s subject has led what is euphemistically called ‘a colourful life’. Part of the stolen generation, Jack Charle has had an extensive, if at times an interrupted career as an actor, working in both theatre and film.

The actor is open about his time spent on the streets, in jail and in the throes of heroin addiction. Parallel to his acting, Jack Charles lived a darker life of drug abuse, crime and internment. Add to this Jack’s revelation and exploration of gayness, offering the viewer a glimpse of this ‘colourful life’

Happy now, with his drug dependency well and truly behind him and his acting career flourishing, Jack is thriving in a new role as mentor to his community. Throughout it all, Jack Charles and Roderick M sustained a decades-long friendship, this win couldn’t have gone to a more fitting pair :: Read the full article »»»»

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MacDonald, who is represented by Kick Gallery and had his debut exhibition Rocket Science in November 2010, will exhibit at Kick again in 2011 from September 20 – October 8. Editions of works from Rocket Science are currently available and can viewed at www.kickgallery.com/craig-macdonald/works  :: Read the full article »»»»